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funny i was thinking about asking this earlier because of the IS situation with the yazidi. but now it looks quite applicable to this little corner of the world wide web. everyone knows the koran 2:256 says let there beno complution in religon. but what does that really mean. i was on last night. a site that bans me often (ip address block, you just unplug your modem over night ;) but i manage to talk to a person called S.B.

so i asked if the yazidi shold be killed as devil worshipers. he said he didn't know. so i ask about hindus, he said he sisn't know. so i said if a hindu tried to worship in an islamic state would be be allowed. he said, no, not in public. i ask what would happen if a hindu pulled out a little idol and prayed to it or lit incenses? he said they would be stopped. i asked how and he said, you guessedit , i don't know. not the sharpest knife in the draw but honest.

so, it appears to me, that freedom of religion means you are free to be 'the right kind of muslim'? lmao.

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I think Islam gives other right to follow their own religion, in the Madina Sanad, Muhammed (Sm) gave non-muslims living in Madina then rights to follow their own religion from what i read in Islam textbook.

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yes the charter of medina was a very liberal document, especially for that time. but the saudis claim a hadith from muhammad that says there should only be one religion on the pennisula. also i was on and the muslim there said a hindu would not be allowed to pray to his idol in public.

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Which Hadiths say that there should be only 1 religion?!

And Now whose advise will you follow? Muhammed (Sm) or a chat operatr in

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In the name of God! Hello. Yazidi Muslims lived side by side for many years. For thousands of years, along with Muslims, Zoroastrians living in Iran. And their faith in full freedom to act. A Muslim will not never hurt no inventory. So these groups in the name of Islam are criminals who are, in fact, they want to destroy Islam. This kind of religion in the minds of corrupt people. And after plundering their countries.

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Are Yazidi's even Muslim?

(Aug 20 at 02:48) Tahmeed Tahmeed's gravatar image

i think he is saying yazidi [and] muslims [have] lived...

anyway, persian, haven't zoroastrians mostly fled to india. i think there are only like 15,000 left in iran.

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