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Iam planning to take business studies, psychology, philosophy+ethics and sociology A levels.

If anyone has taken any of these, are they hard or easy? and also will they benefit me with anything to do with Islam in the future?

JazakAllah Khayr

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Salam Sister.

It would help to know what type of work you wish to do once you leave full time education.

All subjects are hard or not so hard (maybe even easy) depending on how intelligent a person is....on how much they enjoy the subject they are studying....and on how much work they put into it. It also depends on how well a person is taught.

Business studies are good if you wish to enter the world of business...or to become self-employed. Psychology is good if you wish to enter medicine or work that deals with human behaviour.

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Philosophy/ethics will be of less practical value...except they will teach you to research and analyse information...and to construct reasoned put forward a sound case for action etc. This skill is useful in almost every field of work.

Sociology is good if you wish to understand how society works..and how people interact. Good for social work. Viewed as a 'soft option' by most employers outside of that particular field.

Most attractive to business are maths...English and a foreign language...especially Asian...those areas where there are growing markets.

I hope this helps.

(Aug 15 at 18:53) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image

JazakAllah Khayr, i will take into consideration wt u said ;)

(Aug 16 at 12:05) I_loveISLAM I_loveISLAM's gravatar image

if you mean to challenge the western philosophers you should read the persian guy. i think his name is al-ghizahi. not that but close, i'm loosing my memory in my old age. or yaqin's curse is working, lol. anyway, the book is "the incoherance of philosophers." it is quite humourous and therefore very islamic. he puts forth the philosophy that all things are the will of allah, ocassionalism. he disputes the laws of nature and cause and effect. the example often given is that he states, 'fire doesn't burn the cotton, allah burns the cotton'.

what do you think paul. the christmas tsunami wasn't caused by an earthquake, but by allah?

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If the giraffe could leap, pound for pound, as high as the grasshopper it would avoid a whole lot of trouble. (Peter Cook).

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by business u plan to work on bank? thats haram, bcoz interest.

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Salaam Brother.

There are banks that conduct business according to Islamic rules of interest. This practice is halal.

I hope this helps.

(Aug 15 at 18:22) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image

No, I know riba is haraam. JazakAllah Khayr.

(Aug 16 at 05:51) I_loveISLAM I_loveISLAM's gravatar image

I recommend not taking philosophy as some people mixed up philosophy and Islam and went deeply astray. Anyways some of these philosophers were just men coming up with crazy guesses, and we don't need any of these. Allah already sent us the Quran

(Aug 16 at 06:02) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

JazakAllah Khayr, your right, but i need to know about the ideas of these philosophers in order to deter people away from believing them.

(Aug 16 at 12:08) I_loveISLAM I_loveISLAM's gravatar image

Salam Sister.

I read philosophy for my degree.

Take it from me...after a hour or two with most of them you'll spend the rest of the day cross-eyed!

You'll learn also that where you stand at the end of a discussion depends on where you stood at the beginning.


(Aug 16 at 12:53) Paulus Paulus's gravatar image
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