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ok so im a muslim but i dont know how to pray and im laring how to but im scared if i die befoe i learn how to pray and if i do die before i learn how to pray but i was tryin to learn will i go to hell or heaven

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Learning to pray isnt hard you can start right away even if youre not arab and dont speak arabic just write on a piece of paper the words that u need to say and choose a small chapter from the Holy Quran like Surah Al Ikhlas(number 112) (its a small but very important chapter), study them in your own language so you can know what are u saying and so u can mean it from your heart, and pray reading the paper you will see that very soon you will not need it anymore it will be tatooed on your mind like ...counting for example.Insha Allah after this with the time you will learn more Chapters of the Holy Quran.Asalamu wa alaikum!

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there is a story of a man who was on his way to convert to islam on the way he passed away the angel of death asked allah if he is going to jannah or hell, allah comanded the angels to measure the distance betwwn the two cities if he was closer to his original destination he will go to hell if he was closer to the city he was going to convert in he will go to jannah, the angels returned and they said he was dead center right in the middle of both cities, so allah made the city he was going to convert in slightly closer so he may enter paradise.

so as you see allah rewarded him with jannah even though all he did was make the sincere effort to become a muslim he wasent even a muslim at the time but because of his intentions he was given the reward of paradise. insha allah you will learn to pray before you pass away.

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