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One of my friends told me a big secret today. It is really horrible and i didnt know how to help her or what to say She said that her father raped her and that she told her mother and sisters but they do not Believe her. They think she is saying this so they would let her leave the house or tell the father to leave. What should i tell her? Its hard for me to even talk to her about that.

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It is indeed a hard situation especially the reaction of her mother and sister must hurt the most. Maybe you should tell her to go to the police or child protection organization. I mean that's what I would do for my friend, finally it depends I guess on the situation. Anyway you should support her in any way that you can be next to her offer your help let her know that she has someone with her someone that believes her someone to be with her through this so she can speak up and don't keep silence over such an horrible secret or otherwise I think she's only damaging herself inside. It's a huge secret to bear it within. She should get help and quick. Also some therapy it's needed in shocking cases like the rape of a father. God will show you the way to help her if you want to. Asalamu wa alaikum!

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First you must make sure that she wasn't lying as this is really a big problem.. Offer her to live with you if you are a girl. Try to persuade her family that she said the truth. She also can go to the court if everything is in vain... Pray for her and we also will pray for her. May Allah help her and keep her safe.

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Thank you for your answers I will offer her to live with me if she wants. Her concerns are that it is bad to make foghts between a husband and wife and that if her parents should divorce it would be her fault. Inshallah i will also pray for her i am only a girl and dont have much power to help her as much as i want to

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It is more than divorce, dear. If he raped his own daughter, what prevents him from doing it again and with others. She should be ware. If this matter is really bad and this dad didn't stop, divorce will be the best solution for her and even for her mom. Wa Allah a'lam

(May 01 '12 at 14:17) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image

The only thing is that her family doesnt believe her. I honestly do because i dont think anyone would lie about theire own father like that and she seems very sad that shaitan made her father do what he did. Also she keeps asking if allah will forgive him and what she can do to seek forgiveness from allah. This is such a horrible story and its tearing me appart to think someone can do something so evil.

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im pretty sure in islam divorce still isnt even enough they have to be killed for rape

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Yes, you are right but he is the only one who has to be stoned till death. And if he want Allah to forgive him, he must accept his punishment by being stoned. And then may Allah forgive him.

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What about the rest of the family do you think they will be punished for not believing her?

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I think wa Allah a'lam, they won't be punished because their must be 4 witnesses and also from men. They know that this is possible but they don't want to believe. This is a seriouse problem and they must search for it .

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I hope that she will be ok in the future after this i believe that it scars you for ever You expect a father to take care of his daughter and to comfort her but after i heard this it made my world change i can only imagin how she feels.Thank you all for ur support and answers to my questions I know this is a very uncomfortable subject to talk about. But me going trough my own problems I am unable to help her on my own. Thank u again to all of you may allah bless you with all the good in this world and herafter. Inshallah

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