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Salaam,i have good question as convert who's married to muslim guy from London.We got married six months ago since than I left job for him friends , every thing.He was promising diamonds in sea before , to be honest I just wanted man who will care for me, love me and the one who bring me close to islam. NOW my question is how man who marry me the one who pray five times a day and same time didn't divorce properly his ex laying he did, never care if it's food in house no even bread un less he's happy so he do shopping and check fringe twice a month, he told all his family he dont want me cos I'm mad cos I check his phone.....question is is it alloud that my husband with me caring 4 him loving him and do t even have friends in this big city I get so abused and No one single muslim friend or family try help ....well is it mad that in six month of my marriage I got half naked womans on my husband skype it right he got different womans emailing him from different countries .When I ask him he say its nothing that im mad I said so may e change ur email...guess what he did stop talking to me, told his sister I check his phone made passwords every where leave house at night and when I see his face it's o lyrics when he sleep, or when in his day off talk to his mates 24 hrs, he only see me when he want some thing other than that swear at me for cooking for him ...For dressing up for him...I even asked him if he can find my islamic studies he say I aint wort it I need to go work and pay for my self cos he can't afford me....I hate London so much I never thought muslim guys treat good gyals with such abuse....sorry it's not religion the ppl r bad.Can any one tell me if he's right and im wrong, I'm so angry and disappointed .

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why in the world did you marry such a man?

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Well I guess I trusted his lies...sad...didn't know real muslim man can go this road...neither I'll feel like goid guys doesn't exist.

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In the name of God! Hello. My dear sisters, this bi many people there, and it is a matter of psychology. 1-You do not have to be sensitive. Regardless of the subject you love your husband. And he needs your attention. 2 get help from a counselor. 3 Trust in God. He is always with you.

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Salaam I cnt take no counselor involve he's treating me and swearing every night just in to gyals on Web sides and money ...lost trust in man....I guess just faith ...and self confidence can help me to move on....but I hate to divorce him even do been divorce and remarry by him five times during six months dnt even know if islam allow this man praying five times day doing this ???!!! But I'm thankful for any adwise...alhamdullilah. .I guess have to move on just hard to b lonely as marriage is our deen.

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