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Recently a few members have raised the question as to the religious beliefs and motivations of the individuals running this site. In order to address these questions, I will personally respond in this following post.

First, I would like to assure all members, that is only a community based website, with no secret backing or hidden agenda. That means that all questions are welcome from any person (be they Muslim or non-Muslim) on this forum, and any member who has an account on can post a reply. In addition, users who contribute more actively and show greater interest in curating the content are given the privilege of being a moderator, with powers to only delete or modify inappropriate content. This is no different than any other community based forum. Admins are basically only in charge of user administration and system maintenance of the site, and will not use there privileges to take any inappropriate advantage, such as distorting questions to a hidden agenda.

Since is a small operation, we have decided to incorporate the help of advertisements (Google Ads) in order to cover our costs of operation. They are mainly visible on the header and sidebar of the site. Advertisements are easily distinguishable because in the corner of the advertisement, there is a small blue triangle. We do our best to make sure there are no inappropriate advertisements being shown, however, the Google Ad engine is contextual based. That means if the page you are viewing has a lot of information about a particular product, the Ad engine will automatically run ads on the page based on the context. If you do not like a certain ad, there in an option to report the ad as inappropriate by clicking on the blue triangle to the corner of the ad. This will remove the ad from the page and also ensure that Google does not show the same ad again to you or even other users.

A few weeks ago, one of our moderators took to the task of unnecessarily deleting a large amount of questions from this site, which have been asked and answered by the community over the last 2-3 years since this site has been in operation. As there was more than 2,000 questions and answers deleted, I asked this moderator to refrain from deleting authentic questions and only remove the questions which were completely inappropriate. Meanwhile, we also decided it was best to recover all the questions and give this moderator another chance at deleting or modifying only the inappropriate questions. As there was no way for us to go through each question and remove the deleted flag, we had no choice but to use our database backup system to restore all the deleted questions. This moderator then decided to use my personal email to research about my personal life, religious beliefs and also obtain my personal information, including my physical address. To make matters worse, this user then publicly posted my information, without my prior consent or approval. At this stage, we felt it was best to revoke this user's moderator access and turn off our registration system until we were satisfied that this user would not continue to abuse our site. A few days ago, we decided to reopen the registration, but unfortunately this user came back and decided again to abuse our site and post personal information, which is completely outside the boundary or proper moral and professional etiquette.

As we wish to continue the operation of this site for the benefit of the larger Muslim Community, we will reopen the registration in a few days after we are certain this matter has been resolved. In the meantime, we ask that you bear with us while we try to sort out the technical and operational details.

Best regards, Asif

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edited Aug 17 at 18:02

Message regarding your future: You liar, I exposed you in front of everyone you KAFIR; rest assured that I will get you personally wherever you are ASIF and this will follow you throughout your life and it will ever stain you and when people search for you they will know you are the KAFIR running for the Qadyani rubbish team; you are a KAFIR!

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This explains, however, Asif, do you ensure that this site doesn't have anything to do with Quadiani things?

And do you also ensure that this site doesn't preach any Quadiani things?

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Tahmeed with all do respect are you dreaming or having a self-fulfilling dream?? Hellooooo Tahmeed; that means that his silence is an EXPLICIT confirmation of all the was said/deleted!

(Aug 18 at 02:54) Yasser Awf Yasser%20Awf's gravatar image

Yeah.. i understand what you're saying Yasser, but what can we do about this? There isn't any other such Muslim community i think.

(Aug 18 at 03:14) Tahmeed Tahmeed's gravatar image

Search and In Sha Allah you will find... You are joking actually.. did you use the word forum/community when searching google?

(Aug 18 at 06:14) Yasser Awf Yasser%20Awf's gravatar image

i searched, Islamic q and a.

(Aug 18 at 06:20) Tahmeed Tahmeed's gravatar image

Well how about this, its Sunni Authentic from the name (did not see it contents you should always judge yourself), and its ads-free, and its has a q&a section:

(Aug 18 at 06:29) Yasser Awf Yasser%20Awf's gravatar image

Can't take risks:P

(Aug 18 at 06:36) Tahmeed Tahmeed's gravatar image

ha haa haaaa; I understand!

(Aug 18 at 08:10) Yasser Awf Yasser%20Awf's gravatar image
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@Tahmeed: As has been mentioned in the above post, there is no hidden or devious mission behind this community site. But, if anyone believes there are any indications that this site is running a hidden agenda, we ask that you point out proof, in the form of links to specific questions.

Besides that, please remember that this site is run entirely by our users. If you find a question that is being answered inappropriately, it is up to YOU to make sure you vote that answer down and post a correct answer. If the question itself is inappropriate, please click on the report link underneath the question which will flag the question to our moderators for removal.

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