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Asalamu wa alaikum! I read in a Hadith that after we die we will be asked about our prayers (Fard)wether we have completed them or not and this is a very important test.However if we do not have them all, God is so Merciful that he will allow the angels to count our Sunnet prayers in order to help us pass this test. Now what i would like to know is if we have any further information regarding to this , for example if a Sunnet prayer will cover for a Fard prayer even if its a 2 rekat? (e.g. As the Fajr 2 Sunnet for a Dohr 4 Fard?) I didnt quite understood this and i didnt read it in some other place so i would like to know if its possible.

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i heard praying salat al layl or nawafil al layl cover for any fard you have missing but i have never heard of the sunnah doing so because sunnah is typically shorter than fard but nawafil al layl is typically longer than fard

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