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I am suffering from a lot of waswas this past 3 days. Before my wudu used to take 7 minutes, then it increased to 10, then 15, then 20. I made wudu in 20 minutes for five months or so, and I was not that much bothered. But now my wudu takes 50 minutes! This is happening for the past 3 days! Basically the problem is, I heard that any water that leaves the body, that is used water, and wudu can't be made with used water. So how do you wash your other hand, face, foot etc without taking water by the hand? And if you take water by hand then pour it over the other limb, that's like water is leaving from your body T__T I don't know if you got me right... Please try to understand... Secondly when you rub a limb, water splashes and the bounce back on the limb... that makes the water used right? :/ To avoid this it takes really long time! Specially in forearms....

Next when washing face, when have to wash till the top of forehead when the hair starts to grow... now problem is, if I use finger to wash the lining of the hair, my hand touches the hair, so that makes the water used right? As this was intended for face, forehead and not hair...

There is more, the space between the ear and hair, it takes me long to wash that. As it is almost impossible to wash it without touching the hair... it takes me really long...

next washing the beard.... how much do you need to wash? till the bone of the throat? I don't know.. so I keep washing it...

Also it takes long to wipe the ear... How much do you wipe the head? I heard if your hand touches the forehead before wiping the hair , the water becomes used.... how can I avoid that as we need to start from the lining of the hair it is bound to touch at least a bit of forehead :/

Next foot... as I mentioned any water that leaves the body becomes used... so if I put my foot under the tap and in the same time I rub the toe and fingers... water is actually going from my hand to feet... what do you do about that? I don't know what to do...

Also when I am standing in bathroom, when water falls from my hand on the floor, it bounces back on my foot, so do I have to re start wudu if the floor is impure? I don't know what to do...

And past three days, I am repeating salah for like six or seven times... I keep forgetting whether I recited surah fatiha in the previous rakah... whether I said the things in ruku and sujood.. whether I gave two sujood or one... and this happens if every salah!! Every single one and every single rakah! No matter how slow I pray and try... in fact praying slow increases it...

Now please don't just say ignore this... I need some proof... don't get me wrong, I can not sleep if I just ignore it without a proof... :/ Also if you have doubt about sujood and ruku and the things u say in them, prostration of forgetfulness is not enough... so what do I do? :@

I know it's a lot I asked, but please please try to answer them :/

May Allah(SWT) reward you for your efforts.

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boycott? why?

(Aug 25 at 11:26) Dhrubo Dhrubo's gravatar image

Brother I want to help you. Please email me.

(Aug 27 at 06:20) IbnFaruque IbnFaruque's gravatar image

In the name of Allah! Hello. Dear brother, the person with this condition skeptics say. You should certainly get your attention. Islam is easy. So its not hard.

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