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now i see boko haram has declared itself an islamic state. when exactly are muslims suppoosed to create a caliphate? and do canidates run for election or is it just everyone pledges alligence to the guy incharge?

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In the name of God! Hello. My friend. These groups are not Muslim. For the following reasons. 1 is forbidden in Islam, killing and looting. But these groups are doing it. 2 In Islam, freedom of expression and opinion. But this group is not allowed to express an opinion on anyone. 3 Islam does not allow vandalism. It sees everything in its path to destruction. So why do they call themselves Muslims? Firstly, because of their reputation of Islam and Islamic countries to weaken 2. Western countries are easier to rob Muslim countries.

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persian gulf, where do you get any of that from?

  1. muhammad killed many people. as did the 'rightly guided' caliphates. not sure if you are a shia and don't count abu bakr, omar and uthman as 'rightly guided'. you have heard of the ribba wars? as for looting, there are rules in islam as how to divide the loot up. one fifth goes to allah and his apostle (muhammad, and i would assume all future caliphates) and then divided amoung the fighters. muslims take slaves as war booty.

  2. "freedom of expression and opinion"? again, where in the world do you get that from? muslims kill people for

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apostasy and blasphemy. are you iranian? if so how do you not know of the fatwa put on salman rushdie?

  1. if islam doesn't allow vandalism why did muhammad destroy 360 pagan idols after conquering mecca?

i think they call tehmselves muslims because they are. are not these people born and raised in islamic countries, other than the europeans and australians and americans who have gone to join them. do you think those people are jews? christians/ hindus? what?

  1. or second 2, don't know if that is a typo. either way i have no idea what you are trying to say there?

wierd i typed 3 and 4?

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In the name of God! Hi my dear, you had the reading of the history of Islam. When Mecca was conquered by the Prophet. The Prophet said, today is a day of grace. And then forgive even your enemies. And did not allow anyone to attack them. If you look at the Muslim world with different religions live in peace and love. But Zionism would not be happy with it. Have you ever heard of the slaughter of Muslims in India? Or in China, or in Palestine or ... in our city, a lot of Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians live. We love each other and respect one another sanctities.

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In the name of God! My brothers. Islam says Jesus and Moses are prophets of God. We love them. Not allow distinction between the messengers of God. In Islam, Hadith of Prophet Moses and Jesus quoted. I ask you to please refer to the Quran. Iranian poet Sa'di says: The children of Adam are limbs to each other, the creation of one essence. If members living with pain, other members uneasy will remain exposed. You're the distress of others without sorrow, nor may put the name of person

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Imam Ali's Nahj(sermon27):I have come to know that every one of them entered upon Muslim women and other women under protection of Islam and took away their ornaments from legs, arms, necks and ears and no woman could resist it except by pronouncing the verse, “We are for Allah and to Him we shall return.” (2:156) Then they got back laden with wealth without any wound or loss of life. If any Muslim dies of grief after all this he is not to be blamed but rather there is justification for him before me.How strange! How strange! By Allah my heart sinks to see the unity of these people on their wrong and your dispersion from your right. Woe and grief befall you. You have become the target at which arrows are shot. You are being killed and you do not kill. You are being attacked but you do not attack. Allah is being disobeyed and you remain agreeable to it. When I ask you to move against them in summer you say it is hot weather. Spare us till heat subsides from us. When I order you to march in winter you say it is severely cold; give us time till cold clears from us. These are just excuses for evading heat and cold because if you run away from heat and cold, you would be, by Allah, running away (in a greater degree) from sword (war).

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