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I took a class, Discussions of Islam. For the final grade I accepted a Report topic: Do Islamic, Christian, Jewish clerics use the Internet to discuss issues REGULARLY? So I want to send 2 questions regarding this topic to 20 clerics. And compare their results. I can use Google-Translate to send out to 10 clerics outside the US/Canada.

I have spend days and days searching the Internet. I have learned many valuable things abot American Muslim community. BUT I need to do this paper! It was due at Aug 1,So my professor believes I have been working on this topic.
Can you offer any advice?

Respectfully, Thomas Asada-Grant Saitama, Japan

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While I am kind of boycotting this site until I come to some sort of conclusion about what to do, I will make an exception to this post.

Firstly Joe thank you for your question. Please feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to answer any questions on Islam. I read that you read the Quran [or really the translation of the meanings]. Tell me what you think about it?

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Wow. thanks for replying. I havent had anyone reply to this form. I had time to read one link you provied, regarding Ahmadiha branch of Islam. You really have strong opinions against them. I clearly got that from you message. But, Please understand that I am not an emotional person as you are about this. I am a typical American in some ways. But I have a copy of the Holy Qur'an. I have read parts of it, many times. I just want people to talk with each other, not should and fight.

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