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salamalecum ,thank you, hope you can answer my questions ,I become new muslin shortly after I meet my husband ,he knew before we married, I have make mistakes in my life , I have 3 haram daughters , I feel very bad I cry a lot I was not good but at that time I was thinking was ok ,because is normal were I grow up ,since we married ,all the time call me names ,keep bring up my past ,that I hate I whish I die ,only if he know how I regret and whish things be different ,since I become Muslim everyone turn they back at me ,my family ,most of my friends school ...,they hate I cover my self and wear hijab ,I want to be good Muslim ,I feel alone here and my husband don't help ,because of this stress I get sick a lot ,he upset I sick ,he don't like I cry I don't know what I do , he just judge me all the time ,I listen for him I try my best to make him happy ,hurts to much I think a lot in kill my self but I love Allah I don't want to make more mistake and I have my 3 girls inshallah they will grow up to be good Muslim .my marriage is going down ,I don't know if he love me or is intentions was something else, I have very hard life ,I have no one to talk to ,I just want to continue to be good and find were my marriage go he hates I have kids he keep ,he don't want to have kids whit me ,he said he would married virgin have kids whit her ,but still stay whit me ,whit no kids I feel like a abandoned animal, whit some of the things he say like am a human , I have feeling to I never what to feel I make mistake I love Islam but my husband behaviour is trying to push me away ,from believe as he so cold wend he want I never live the Islam but I don't know much ,I ask him to teach me to pry he get very angry because I cant speak Arabic well please help I feel lost ,I have no one to go for advice ,I don't want to live my husband but his heart is cold to me half of the time ,today we don't talk we sleep speared rooms. I feel he just wanted to use me, not love me and work together to worship Allah.

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Salaam im revert my self 8 been in ur situation before kind similar. ..lisn you wo t help with crying and showing g all your good emotions to this kind d of thi g is respect him as your hubby but b kids d of ignoring same time guys don't like woman s show every thing that's old story with most guys ...I k ow it's hard him self as muslim should gi e u support and tea h u islam not push u away but reality is most muslim guys with behaviour as ur hubby dont respect reverts same way I been there so I know what I'm on about ..but that's do t mean all muslim man r bad or wanna use girls...just im in position where I been there my self trust me wast easy but u want t change nothing either u ignore him and he realise him self what he does wrong g as muslim husband or u will need islamic counselling to get involve or iman as u revert you may Neen guardian on your side but if ur husband keep carrying g disrespect and refuse talk about matter in last but not best option u will need talaq as Allah say husband need respect his wife she's been taken from her parents to be lo g to her man and his duty is to make you feel secure and loved not as slave etc....think about it dont b sad cos in life we need to say alhamdullilah for every thing good and bad trust me all come from Allah he's merciful and got best pla for us what u think is hurting g u now in future u will find out reason why a d o e day u will understand why I said what I said...remember there r many good muslim guys in this world u can only find them by good heart islamic knowledge compassion towards islam but mainly the way they treat own mothers and sisters married and I learn hard way...In sha Allah do t give up sister it's purpose for our pain and struggle. ..

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QURAN-7:But those who do ill-deeds and afterward repent and believe - lo! for them, afterward, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. ( 153 )

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