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AsalamuAlykum.. i need an urgent ans brothers n sisters.. plz ans ma question keeping in mind m a muslim n want to follow islam olwz... on 30aug itx ma 7th marriage anver..  m a housewife n ve starded a botique two months bk. i live in india occupied kashmir i ve two kids Ma Sha Allah..  when ma second kid wz nearlly abt two years of age .. i concieved again n ma husband mk me emotional tht we can keep the child due to some financial prblms n i aborted.. last year i concievd again n he did d same .. i requested him n tht time we were financially in a condition to keep tht bt he didnt agreed.. i love ma husband more than anything..  bt after tht i one day we were jst talking making fun of each other playing.. jst wz enjoying of being together.. he wz ving a bad habit . He used to sa me he ll marrry another women if i ll allow himm.. at tht time he again sa tht.. bt this time time i sa if u ve to marry divorce me i cant stay wd u coz i cant share u... he sa if he ll divorce me will i remarry someone else i jst ans yes i ll n he sa will ve an reltion wd him i sa ys i ll bt tht wz jst to brk hz heart to mk him realize wot i feel whn he sa he ll marry some one else.. bt he got angry n sa m haram on him n he sa it three times.. after tht i consulted mufti's who sa u have to give kufara bt ma husbnd sa i ve to b in idat for three months which i refused.. we were not veing any physical relation bt few months bk i met a person who ces gud knowldge abt islam he sa get in relation wd ua husband else he ll go fr an affair to fullfill hz needs.. as ve heard many remours abt it.. so i conveincd him bt he refuzd olwz at last i convncd himm. After tht i used to tk medcn for birth cntrl.. on 23aug i came to know i ve concvd again n he did d same forcd me to abort bt this time he sa the child would b a haram coz our relation z haramm.. two days bk i met tht imam of masjid whoz refrence he used to give for oll this n i wz shoked imam said he didint ve sa abt idat he jst said we ve to give kaffara n tht wud b jst 6000 n Ma Sha Allah ma husband earn n lakhs per month.. he dont tc of me jst avoid me olwz remain bzi wd hiz work hz partners in bzbs as he sa it...  now i think i shud get divorce frm him bt he ve taken oll gold after one month of our mrg to buy some land bt used tht in hz bzns.. bt still tht didnt botherd me coz we are a family.. hz family treatd me very badly for three years of our mrg n after tht we sprtd <email> n same house they still emotionaaly attack me.. bt i dindnt mind coz for first thres years ma husband lovd me ..when he chngd hiz bzns tht wz the turning point in our life hz bhvr chnged he bcm careless <email> ne jst shouts oll the time.. n i met a neurologist he suggestd me not to keep mum if any one shouts a me coz i wz getting in deprresion frm d day i married wd him coz of hz family... i need sm help. Frm u guys.. my mom dad alwz sa a women shud accept olll ... bt i cant itx a limit of ma patiance... may Allah show me right path.. stay blessed u oll..

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