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Salaam i want to know how long after hearing the azan can we perform mamas?

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In the name of God! Hello. Dear brother. When you are sure you have reached the legal time, during prayer.

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In the name Allahu. There are 5 time Fard Namaz in Islam, and they are (1) Fajr. (2) Doher (3) Asr (4) Maghrib (5) 'Isha.

(a) Fajr time begins as soon as it is DAWN. As soon as sun rises full and person prays Fajr that the prayer is called Qaza.

(b) Doher time begins as soon as sun starts declining and prayer time ramain till the time of Asr begins.

(c) Asr time begins when sun decline 1/3rd towards sunset till sunset. and Maghrib time begins.

(d) Maghrib time begins as soon as sunset completely.

(e) Maghrib time ends as soon as there is complete dark and 'Isha time begins.

(f) 'Isha time ends at midnight.

There are according sunnah.

Allahu T'aala knowth the best.

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