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Me and my distant distan distant cousin were sort of raised together. He is older than me by a year and a half. Ever since we were young people around us kept telling us we will marry each other. We've kind of grown up to the fact that we were meant for each other and now ( teenagers) we are in love so much. Both of our parents know that. we both are very good muslims, we do our prayes and fasting. We never go out alone, we never touch or kiss. But we just hold so much love for each other and we promised ourselves that we were going to marry each other hopefully when we are older.

So i just wanted to ask if what we have is Haram? Because i've read on some other places that love is sickness and that its bad and that we should avoid it however we can. But i cant believe it because i see nothing weong in something so pure. Thanks in advance :)

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it depends on the type of love if this love turns in to lust were you are attracted and not only in love this is when it is bad but if you guys simply care for one another its okay as long as you guys arent alone together or talk to one anothe rin an inappropriate matter simply having the feeling that you want to marry somone is okay because that is how marrige is established in islam you find somone who you are interested in and then you ask for their hand i suggest since you guys have already established that you might as well get married now it would be much better so you guys dont become too atracted and do somthing haram

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The meaning of love has multiple meaning - mostly subjective to each person. If this is a desire driven and lust filled love then this is haram because it is a sickness of infatuation. However caring and loving love is not haram. ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattaab addressed women and said, "If one of you does not love her husband, she should not tell him about this, because only a few homes are based on love; rather, people live together by virtue of good morals and Islam." and hence, if two people love Allah and their religion Islam, they can live together in harmony.

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