I am a new muslim that have converted recently.

My questions is that I have problem with praying the 5 salah daily because of my family which are non muslims. Especially I am afraid that my mother will be really upset if she founds out that I am a muslim. So I did not pray the 5 salahs daily but I tried to pray whenever my family is not around.

I also only eat halal food outside when I am alone. But when I am eating with my parents, I have no choice but to eat food that are not halal because I do not want them to find out I am a muslim.

During the ramadan, I will not be able to fast because my families will find out I am a muslim too. So I would not eat only when I am alone, but when they ask me to eat, I would have to eat.

Can you please tell me what happened if I committed these 3 sins?

Thank You

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i would like to advise you to tell your parents you really have nothing to lose im sorry to say but you cant be part muslim you must tell your parents and make them accept who you are if not than i would advise you to stay with a trusted family member such as an aunt or uncle when allah is on your side de there is nothing to be afraid of its much more frighting to not listen to god than it is to not listen to your parents in islam allahs authority always goes befoe your parents so first try to explain the situation to them and find a soulution i dont belive hiding is the best soulution there must be a better way be proud of who you are not frightened to what they think invite them to learn more so they may appriciate the religion i suggest first you show them you have a profound intrest in the religion tell them a little about muslim belifs then slowley and gradually tell them that you have converted but it shouldnt change anything because if they really loved you they would accept you for who you are and not try to force somthing onto you

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these are important sins.now,you are a muslim elhamdüillah and you must perform namaz,eat helal things and fast.these things which you stated are not excuse. ı think you have to speak with your family.what if they convert like you? how did you convert,tell them.teach Islam.Inşallah they be Muslim. do not abandon your worships.anyhow,they will be persuaded when see you determined.

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