Salam, Please I would like to know the conditions in which salat can b joined. say Magrib and Isha'a or dhur n Asr.

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It is only allowed or sunnah for a traveller to shorten his prayers. The prayers that may be shortened are the four Rak'ah prayers (zuhr, 'ASR AND 'ISHA'). Subh and maghrib prayers cannot be shortened. The traveller will make an intention of shortening the prayer and pray the first two Rak'ahs only, then recite the Tashahhud and end his prayer with 'ASSALAMU ALAIKUM'. However, if the traveller prays behind an imam who is not a traveller, he should do the full prayer of four Rak'ahs. But if the traveller is the imam, he should pray two Rak'ah and any resident who follow him shouid then rise after Tashahhud and complete thier own prayers as usual. It is also allowed to combine two prayers at one time on a journey, i.e. ZUHR AND 'ASR TOGETHER, AND MAGHRIB AND 'ISHA' TOGETHER. The combine prayers may be done either in advance or in delay. When it is in advance Asr is brought forward to the time of Zuhr. And also Isha' is brought forward to the time of Maghrib. When it is delay 'ZUHR is delayed until the time of 'ASR, and Maghrib is delayed until the time of 'ISHA'. The condition or permission to combine prayer is the same as for shorten of prayer which are 1.when you are on a long journey because it is not always possible to stop at the right time of prayers and also help to reduce the delay and possible dangers of stoping, the journey should be to a place at least 77km(48 miles) distant. 2 the journey should not be for illegal purpose e.g to commit a crime. 3 the traveller should have already started his journey, leaving his town be4 he can shorten his prayer.

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