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assalam alaikum,my friend always use to make me laugh when am praying so i want him to stop,so what is the SIN for the one who is making the one praying to laugh

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Thank you all for your answers,am very greatful

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Your friend should know that to distract someone and influence them in invalidating their prayer is not right, there is no specific hadith or saying in the Quran for such behaviour but I believe they (your friend) would then fall in the category of those mocking the symbol of Islam since he/she is tampering with what is sacred. There is no absolute punishment, however from the site: it states "'What level of sin is incurred by the one who deliberately distracts one who is praying or tries to make him laugh by moving or speaking?' There can be no doubt that it is a grave sin"

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i heard if you laugh during prayer you must start over right after you do wuduu once more it isnt good to laugh and when you friend is trying to make you laugh that means the devil is having influence on him who else would want a human being to be distracted as they pray certently not somone who is a muslim themselves you friend needs to be reminded that as you are praying you are in the direct sight of allah you must act like he is directly in front of you even tough you cannot see i couldnt possibly begin laughing or try to make somone laugh when you think how close allah is to you at the time

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