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Salaam I am in a very difficult position leaving in a western world. My wife and i are both working and we have a daughter and my parents and younger sister are staying with me. Now since its a big family there are costs and both of our income get used in day to day running and rental of the house with no savings. we have to wait for our next salary with couple of days getting we fully spent it. My wife is very sick after having baby five years ago. Now she fights with me when ever we are together and also keeps on swearing and shouting on our daughter. These fights spills over to my parents and sister and at last end up in a big fight and wife falls sick gets admitted to hospital and this goes on and on. She starts fighting because her salary gets used up in my family. i told her leave work and stay home she doesnt want to stay with my family. I told take a break and go to her mum's home in india she doesnt want that. Once we run out of our salary paying for everything she becomes defensive and goes buying unwanted this on Credit Card. Now we have a huge loan to pay @ interest on 20%. Its immpossible to talk to her as she never wants to listen and does not follow any islamic ways. My mum is always sick but still cook something for us for the afternoon and if my sisters see mum cooking they will start commentings us she is cooking for us and if wife hears this oh Allah please save me i just want to die with Kalima thats all i ever dream of now. i just wanted to visit Madinah once and meet our beloved Prophet Sayyidna Muhammd Rasulullahi salalallahu alaihi wassalam Please advice Jazak Allah

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i would like to suggest that your wife may be angry because she simply doesent want to live with your entire family and one of her right as a muslim women is to have a house without sharing it with others unless she is willing to give up that right but that dosent seem to be the case, also another thing within her right is to keep her money in any situation the women is allowed to keep her own money an dshe isnt required to pay for you and your family the islamic marrige contract requires that she pleasures you and has children if she is able to and care for them and in exchange you must provide for her even before you provide yourself. but this is limited to nessisary things such as food and water i suggest you let her keep her own paycheck and she can pay for her shopping and you pay for your family. also i would like to suggest that you move into an apartment and sell/rent out the house and your parents and sister can live in another apartment it is your duty to give your wife her right and all this anger is simply because she is being treated unfairly she needs to keep her own money and get her own house and inshaallah your problems will be resolved all she simply wants is her rights as a muslim women please give her that its your duty as a husband

the prophet once said (translation) a women was made from the most crooked part of the rib if you bend her you will break her so be kind to her

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You can share your Family problems. All that you want to share about your home and family, this is the place where you can share sad and happy moments that you spent with your family or for family. Share with world in Home and Family Confessions.

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