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how many katib e wahi? & there names.

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Some scholars said that they are 13 and some said more than 20. I will mention Ibn-Kathir's opinion who said they are more than 20 about 23 : Abu bakr, Umar ibn al khatab, Osman ibn afan, Ali ibn abi taleb, Aban ibn saeed ibn al aas, Ubai ibn kaab, Zaid ibn sabet, Muaaz ibn jabal, Aqram ibn al aqran (abd manaf), Sabet ibn qais, Hanzala ibn al rabeie, khaled ibn al waleed, Khaled ibn saeed ibn al aas, Al Zubair ibn al awwam, Abd Allah ibn sad ibn abi sarh, Aamer ibn fuhaira, Abd Allah ibn arqam, Abd Allah ibn zaid ibn abd rabbu, Al alaa ibn al khudramei, Muhammad ibn maslama, Muaweia ibn abi sufian and Al mugheira ibn shuaba ( may Allah be pleased with them all)

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