Salaam Wa alaikum,

In stack overflow sites , before becoming a live site they have to go through three stages and those are




Above are the three stages of building a Q&A site on Stack overflow.

I will now like to set some stages for the building of this community, they are three and as follows:

1.Getting started

We are kind of finished with this stage, but not complete, so we are on stage one. Under this is stages for stage one and all these stages go under two categories,


a.Reading the FAQ [0%]

b.Gaining 10 karma [1.1%]

c.Ask a question Answer a question [1%]


a.Enough members

b.Answers to questions

c.At least 10 forum moderators


a.Answering questions

b.Flagging bad posts

Note that there could be more stages I ask the admins and the other moderators to add stages.

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