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Assalaam Alaikum, I am asking this on behalf of a friend of mine who wants to visit a mosque with me, however I am not sure if there are any restrictions or precautions to take since she is a non-muslim.

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i would also like to suggest that you warn her to try not to shake hands with any men i know how awkward it can get if the man tries to explain that to her say its nothing personal because a man cannot shake hands with a women as a women cannot shake hands with a man and give her a heads up to try to wear somthing conservitive that covers up like a skirt and a shall to just wrap on her head or offer her somthing of yours and then explain sort of how the prayer works as in how its arranged say ladies in the back men in the front and the sheikh says a lecture and then there is athan just so she wont be confused or talking as the sheikh is

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I entered the Blue Mosque with my shoes on and no thought of or interest in Islam, at that time, I only went in out of curiosity, I remember being disappointed in the shabby look of the place, both inside and out.

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I must tell you I have seen many churches and to me they looked very scary dark and cold. So before you talk about the mosque go visit a church in your area. Because i can tell you that islam is a very clean religion and the mosque is always beautiful and clean inside and out.

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there is a limit to where a person can enter with shoes on you may enter the hall of the mosque the path that leads to the prayer room, but you may certintly not enter the prayer room withshoes on you must have only gone into the hall but you wouldnt be allowed to enter the prayer room because that will put somthing unpure on the area we pray on it must be clean at all times

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@NesreenA there is nothing in islam to prevent wearing clean shoes in the prayer hall; the prophet himself would lead prayers in his own shoes. where you can wear shoes depends on the mosque, often just because they're trying to protect carpeted areas from damage.

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from what she stated it sounded as she was walking by then she decided to enter, in that instance it is obvious she didnt change into a clean pair of shoes or wash the ones she was wearing

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dirt itself is pure (same as with tayammum), it's only if you have something ritually unclean (e.g., dung) on your shoes that they should be cleaned or removed.

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Thank you for your answer, it was very helpful!

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Non-muslims can enter any mosque except kaaba. But there must be a reason like, listening to khutba or knowing more about islam. They should respect the mosque and leave their shoes out like we do, not raise their voice and so on. And the prophet met some non-muslims in his mosque. Wa Allah a'lam

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alt textdo you mean this blue mosque? i really doubt it alt text

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Mashallah how beautiful!!! I wonder how people can say anything wrong about islam and the mosque

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Yes I do meen the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, that was around 1970, it did not look like your pictures on the inside. I remember seeing a huge round empty room with, what I now know were prayer rugs. A the time I knew nothing about Islam its customs protocal or anything else. Maybe I did take off my shoes and just don't remember, its been a while ago. I also saw Topcapi and there was a room that, "I think,"someone said was sacred, because there was a footprint of the profit on a rock that was chained off. I have photo slides somewhere.

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maybe construction wasent finished

(May 04 '12 at 20:54) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

Sorry but I really am not that old. The mosque was completed in 1617. The king, sultin Ahmed 1, at the time he was age 14, had it built.

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