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Is it mandatory to cater for the needs of your wife's mother? I am asking because any time I give money to my wife for her upkeep, she ends up giving half of it to her mother. And I realize the money does not always reach her spending. Please advise me?

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Salam I dont think you are obligated to help her but if your Wifes mother is alone and financially unstable than you should help her from the goodness of your heart. Especially if she is a widow or lives alone and your Wife is her only child you should still help because You love/support your wife and you dont want your wife to worry about her mother. I agree with the answer above that the wife can Give her mother money if shes earned it,but What if the wife doesnt work? And she stays at home With the kids? How can she help her mom than if the husnband doesnt Want her to give her mother the money he gives her. I think unless it is causing your family to have financial issues Than she should not give her mother the money or At least give less. But we all have a responsibility to our parents Even if we are married and we are female we should still take care Of them if they are helpless. Even if its not obligatory You should understand that she loves her mother as much as you love Your mother, and her mother gave birth to her and raised Her to be a good wife and mother. So there is still an obligation in some ways. Right? Inshallah you and your wife will come to a mutual agreement i am sure she will understand if you think that she is doing it to much and its hurting your own families way of life.

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If you have given money to your wife so she can spend it as she pleases then it is her right to give it to her mother because this is considered a gift in which she can do what she pleases, but if you have given her money so she may buy necessities such as food and water and you advised her to use the money on that then your wife cannot give that money to her mother. You are not required to care for your wife's mother, just your parents and your wife and kids; this was the marriage contract, not to support her family but to support your family. She may support her mother if she gives her money that she earned herself or gift money that you have given her to spend as she pleases.

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