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Usually we would not have to come in contact with those of different sexualities but since our world is becoming more global I just wanted to know how we should behave with gays/lesbians/bisexuals/homosexuals and those who are both male/female. Should we not keep in contact with them? Ignore them? What if they ask you if you are against them? Are we allowed to be friends with them? I know they are killed and hanged in some Muslim areas but should we be that harsh? After all they are humans and may be misguided? And I recall that those who are born male/female are regarded with respect since they cannot live normally in Islam, they can still be Muslims, please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

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the act of being sexually attracted to another being is not haram it isnt haram weather its a man or women but the act that is haram is when you actually have a relashinship with the same gender its haram to do it with the opposite gender also people think muslims are so against gay people and hate them and we kill them right away but the fact is the killing and stoning of gay people is because they commited zina and a straight person recivs the same punishment somtimes somone cannot control what they are attracted to but a person that stays away from zina even when they have the urge is rewarded weather they stayed away from women or men the reason why often times muslims dont like them or interact with them is only because of the type that commit zina as i would not associate myself with a gay or straight person that commits zina if they do not commit zina then there is nothing wrong they are going through the same trials as every other person maybe even a harder one because they cannot marry a man but if they control themselves stay away from temptation there is no problem with them at all there are somthings people cant control they cannot control being attracted, but they can control commiting zina and the people who commit zina are the ones who we do not associate with if they are straight or gay

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As to gay/lesbian, what you need to do is tell them the truth that you totally against there acts! And let them know that there no major Religion in the world that encourages all those acts. Try and convince them that there is heavy punishment for involve in those acts both in this world and in the hereafter! Finally, make Du'a for them, so that ALLAH will guide them on the right path... May ALLAH guide us all on the right path. Ameen.

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