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Assalaam Alaikum, I am just asking out of curiosity, a neighbour of mine treats her dog like a child and I thought this strange personally but was generally curious if any insight can be given into the issue regarding Islam? Salam, and thank you for your answers and opinion

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well she cannot have that dog in her house because its nijis if you are talking about another anamial lets say a cat i really dont think so i mean its haram to abuse them, but why would their be a problem with too much love?

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It is wrong to love any animal as much or more than a person because animals do not have an eternal soul! In the U.S. we spend more on pets than we do to feed starving people around the world!!! There is something very wrong with that.

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I have a cat that came here to live, I also have a large garden and this Ferrell cat killed all the gophers, mice and every spring she would find the rabbits and usually I just had to clean up the fur. I have never had to use a fence or anything to keep the pests out. She takes care of my garden and I take care of her in the winter. She has a bed in the garage so she is happy:) Must be Gods plan, it sure works for me:)

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this is basically an opinion @mark cameron i think they are asking if its haram not if it seems wrong they already think its wrong but they are asking what islam says about it

(May 06 '12 at 00:03) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image
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