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What is the favorite sport of the rasul (s.a.w)? his favorite color? and his favorite hobbies or entertainment? jazakallahukhair.. :)

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I don't believe he had that kind of thing, his main mission from Allah was to spread the message of Islam, compared to that these things seem kind of trivial. No one knows anyhow.

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We don't know in particular. He sure had favourites. I think his favourite sport may be (horse-riding, swimming and shooting) and colours may be (white and green). I took those thoughts from some ahadith.

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alhamdullah, i have read that hadiths too... but, i couldn't remember what particular hadith... can you please post that hadith?? by the way, is swimming, shooting, and horse-riding considered sunnah (rewarded/beneficial by doing this activities)?

accordingly, white is pleasing to the eyes, but why is green also the favorite color of the rasul (s.a.w)?

jazakallahukhair.. :)

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Rasulallah said (teach your children swimming, shooting and horse-riding) (علموا أولادكم السباحة والرماية وركيب الخيل‏)‏‎ ‎. .... And if one do those sports and his intention is to follow sunnah, sure he will be rewarded... About the green. It is the colour of janna. Allah said (ويلبسون ثيابا خضرا من سندس ‏‏)‏.. And there are other ayat that say this.

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jazakallahukhair.. :)

this helped a lot.. may Allah (s.w.t) reward you.. ameen..

(May 06 '12 at 17:45) jOsHin pesc jOsHin%20pesc's gravatar image

I have not read most of this but if anything is written about it, it will probably be found in Ibn Ishaq's biography, the "Sirat Rasul Allah",I have a translation that says, "The Life of Muhammad." You may find it at your library or ask and they will get it for you.

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