Why is it that girls of other faith do not cover up her hair? I as because I don't but I also have thought it wrong of me not to but it's not practiced by my religion. Can some one help me with that please.

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Asalam alaikum,i assume your a muslim sister,so forgive me if am wrong.covering hair is done differently for unique reasons in different religions which have this practice.in islam however,it is considered compulsary on every lady which has reached the age of marriage.in islam a woman covers her hair as a response to her Creator by obeying his law,for modesty and for protection.this wil also prevent corruption(lust,rape,sexual disease). Allah knows best

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Religious women in christianity cover their hair. Covering hair is in christianity also. And i know that covering hair is in judism. I saw a girl wearing hijab but not like ours. A scholar said that the modern hijab that muslim girls are wearing nowdays (decorated and not perfect one) comes from jews. We knew it from them and there are some women who wear hijab in judism. Hijab was and still in Islam, christianty and judism.

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I remember in movies nuns covered their hair so it's definitely present in christianity - lumisho is right. :)

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There are still some conservative christian groups that advocate the covering of a woman's hair and long dresses, they do not believe in jewelry either.

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