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ASSLALAMALAYKUM I am an indian national residing in gulf country. due to some financial condition i was unable to take care of my family. I started a small business for which i took money from my friends saying that i will give them profit (FIXED). i couldnt make much profit and was unable to give them the promised amount. Unfortunatly my loans increased almost in millions and my business is also not yet established. I am almost bankrupt. but my friends still not aware of my situation and if they come to kow all this they will take action against me. my friends are intreseted only in profits. My question is that now I am praying ALLAH (SWAT) to do a miracle for me so that i can return all my friends money. I have no source of income only a miracle can save me. Is it possible for such miracles? I know if ALLAH (SWAT) wills every thing is possible. Kindly advice me to get some relaxation and satisfaction with references to some hadith so that i get more and more confidents that inshallah my problems will get solved.

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Yes it is possible for miracles to occur, but equally Allah will bestow miracles on those who deserve it. Since this is a financial crisis it is a worldly matter I would not advise you to pin your hopes solely on a miracle, ask Allah for guidance in what you should do in resolving the situation yourself. Seek help from financial advisors and perhaps research those who have been through the same experience. InshaAllah your dilemma will be solved but even if it gets worse your faith should not waver. Salaam, hope this helped :)

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