am a muslim by birth. but i love someone who's not so by birth but has accepted islam by own will.. only because its interesting and different from other religion.. and was never ever forced or pressurized by anyone to accept islam.

but still my parents say that we cant marry since its haram.. as its given in surah tul nisa.. that a muslim man can marry a christian or jew woman.. but not others.. but woman cant marry anyone except muslim..

but my condition is totally different he accepted islam coz he found peace and loved the uniqueness of islam before i came in his life.. ans my parents dont believe him.. they say he accepted because he wants to marry me..

but the situation is completelly different.. he accepted it for himself not for marrying me..

then still is it really wrong to do so..

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Yes, you have all the right to marry him but if your parents must accept that. You can marry him because he is now a muslim even if he accepted to be a muslim only to marry you because we don't know his intention and what in his heart.. There was a story that Usama ibn zaid (sahabi) was about to kill a non-muslim when this non-muslim said shahada and became a muslim. But Usama killed him after the non-muslim had said the shahada. When Usama came back, he told rasulallah what had happened and told him that the non-muslim only said the shahada because he didn't want to be killed. Then rasulallah became angry and said to him (and how did you know what was in his heart? How did you know his intention).... So you can marry this guy whatever his intention was because we don't know it. He is a Muslim and that is what matters.... Wa Allah a'lam

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You can marry him he is now a Muslim it is his and your right to be together... no one knows whats in his heart but him and Allah.... I would suggest to your parents that they meet with him to know him and inshallah he goes to a local masjid and the Imam may be able to confirm to your parents that he has accepted Islam on his own will. I wish you the best... and Allah is the all knowing and sees all.... Jazakallah Khair,


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Yes definitely you can marry....

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Not for nothing they say that God is one. If both people understand this, everything will be fine. Another thing, if we require from each other by complete submission to his faith ... It may be that if a man would not pull the blanket over himself after registration. Unfortunately, often it is what happens. Although there are also exceptions. My colleague at the time was married to a Muslim. Neither before nor after the wedding she and her husband did not raise questions of religion. She says the holidays, he his. And both with respect to this concern. )

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