where does a spirit exist in our body ? please answer my question according to Qur'an & Hadis Jjazakallah Khair

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'Abdullah bin Mas'ud reported: As I was going along with Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) in a cultivable land and he (the Holy Prophet) was walking with the support of a wood, a group of Jews happened to meet him. Some of them said to the others: Ask him about the Soul. They said: What is your doubt about it? There is a possibility that you may ask him about anything (the answer of) which you may not like. They said: Ask him. So one amongst them asked him about the Soul. Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) kept quiet and he gave no reply and I came to know that revelation was being sent to him, so I stood at my place and thus this revelation descended upon him: "They ask thee about Soul. Say: The Soul is by the Commandment of my Lord, and of Knowledge you are given but a little" (Muslim). Humans are given a very small amount of intelligence. So we can't know about the relation between the body and the soul. But i can tell yuo this, that soul is assocciated with our consciousness. When a baby is created in a mother's womb, after 40 days of conceiving, an angel comes by the order of Allah and writes down things like, who will this baby be, how long will he live, will he be blessed by Allah or not, etc. Then the angel blows the soul into the conceived baby in the mother's womb. I know another thing that your body is like a car, and your mind is like a steering wheel, and you(soul) is like the person who drives the car. Also , I heard that soul is of two kinds, 1. Main soul: This remains in the body till death. 2. Soul of dreams: This leaves the body when we sleep and stays in the body after death. MAY ALLAH FORGIVE OUR MISTAKES AND SHOW US THE RIGHT PATH . AMEEN.

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Thorough and informative. Well said.

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Allah and his messenger know best.

But from what little knowledge we know, some believe that the soul is close to the Jugular vein, at the base of the neck, since Allah says in surah Qaf aya 16; "And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein". Again, Allah and His messenger know best.

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I think the aayah about the jugular vein is saying the opposite: nothing can be closer to you than you jugular vein, since it is your life support. So that means that Allah pervades our entire body - it's closer than a physical part because our entire body radiates with the divine will. The individual soul just has the illusion of being separated from Allah (taaala) - innaa mina -l-laahi wa-innaa ilayhi raaji'uun. Verily, we are of God, and we are returning unto Him. The soul is not physical, it is the energy that sustains your body's life. So in a way, your body and your soul are the same thing, although when you die your physical body will decompose but the elements that composed your body, and which invest all creation with divine reality, will stay around forever, while your soul will be in the aakhirah.

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