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λssαłαм-υ-λłα¡kυм ωαяαhмατυłłαh¡ ωαbαrαkατυhσσσσ all my Brothers and Sisters. My Question is that after offering "Fajar-Salah",i use to Recite Some Part of "Quran Majeed"<nazira> every day/morning.. But Nowadays,i feel much sleepy during "Fajr-Namaz" and also during Recitation of "Quran-Majeed" after "Fajr-Namaz". Please Answer that how to get rid of this type of Sleepliness? JazakAllah. Thankyou Very Much. May Almighty Allah Shower his Blessings on all of you and also on me. Aameen

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