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I have been married for 16 years with four children. I have just come to know that my husband was having an affair with a prostitute for three months . Now he has left her and has appologised and sworn on the Quran that he will never do any such thing again .what should I do?

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@Heba in surat al noor, like you have said, there isn't an exact text about stoning a married person if he commited zina. But [24:2] this ayah was before "shiekh and shiekhah if they commited zina then stone them" "والشيخ والشيخة إذا زينا فارجموهما البتة‏"‏‎ and the meaning of sheikh and sheikhah is married man and woman. Omar ibn al khatab said that they read Quran with this ayah before. He said in sahih al bukhari "it was raised but stayed the hukm" "رفعت الآية وبقي الحكم‏"‏‎ ‎. He also said in sahih al bukhari "o people. Indeed Allah sent Muhammad with the right and sent him the book and there was from what was sent "ayat al rajm""stoning ayah" and we read it, realised it and kept it by heart. Rasulallah stoned, we stoned after him and I am afraid that sometime people would say "we don't find stoning ayah in Quran" then they would be lost by leaving a faridah that Allah sent in his book for whom he commit zina from married men and women when the evidences are shown or they admit.""أيها الناس فإن الله بعث محمدا بالحق وأنزل عليه الكتاب وكان فيما أنزل عليه آية الرجم فقرأناها ووعيناها ورجم رسول الله ورجمنا بعده فأخشى أن يطول بالناس الزمان أن يقول قائل لا نجد آية الرجم في كتاب الله فيضلوا بترك فريضة اقد أنزلها الله فالرجم في كتاب الله حق على من زنى إذا أحصن من الرجال ومن النساء إذا قامت البينة أو الإعتراف‏"‏. I took this quotation from Quran explaination book written by Ibn kathir. And there are lots of ahadith in sahih al bukhari that prove this point.

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“Said Anas Bin Malik, ‘I was present beside the Prophet (Pbuh) when a man came and said; ‘O Prophet of Allah I have committed a punishable sin, so enact the punishment’. The Prophet (Pbuh) did not ask him any question till it was time for Namaz. After he had offered the prayer with the Prophet (Pbuh), he again approached him and said; “O Prophet of Allah I have committed a punishable sin, so judge me by the book of Allah”. The Prophet (Pbuh) asked him, ‘ Have you not offered prayer with me’? He replied, ‘Yes’. Then the Prophet (Pbuh) said, ‘Allah has pardoned your sin and your punishment.” (Bukhari).

The Prophet (Pbuh) did not even ask him what crime or sin he had committed. This is because the purpose of punishment in Islamic system is to punish the consistent and habitual criminal so that others should learn from his severe punishment and do not dare to follow in his footsteps.

The Punishment for Adultery is 100 Lashes The penalty for adultery is not stoning to death unless he is a hardened and habitual sinner who is a perpetual disturber of peace of the society. Qur’an clearly spells out the related law; “The woman and the man guilty of unlawful sex (adultery or fornication), flog each of them with a hundred stripes; let not compassion move you in their case in a matter prescribed by Allah if ye believe in Allah and the Last day; and let a party of the believers witness their punishment”. (24:2)

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