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Salam 3alaykum.

I'm only a Muslim (I don't believe in sects) and I was wondering whether it's true that Ayotallah Khomeini said that it's okay to "thigh" (if you don't know what that means, just google: 'thighing in Islam') females as young as babies? It's also called the Fatwa number 41409. I tried searching Google but all the results were from Anti-Islamic websites.

Can a Muslim PLEASE explain this to me?? As it's confusing me about my religion?!? Did the Prophet (pbuh) really do this to Aisha??


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No Brother.. On the Request of Hazrat Abu-Bakr Sideeq <r.a>,Prophet Muhammad {P.b.u.h} agreed to Marry Hazrat Aa'isha Siddiqa {R.A}.. Prophet Muhammad <p.b.u.h> was married to Hazrat Aisha {R.A},when She was nine years old but some say at the age of 15. But she came to live with Prophet Muhammad [P.b.u.h] at the age of 18.. Bro,dont go to these anti-Islamic sites,they r trying to divide us in Sects. Hope the Answer of Question. Your Brother ~Ubi~

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No, Rasulallah hasn't ever done this to Ayesha. When he married Ayesha, she was 9 and in that age she was fully grown. At the time of the prophet, people got fully grown fast and they marreid in a young age but they were old in brains and body. See, Amr ibn al Aas married when he was 11. Sorry, I am getting away from the question. About Ayotallah Khomeini, he is from shea. They love him alot but he is just a criminal. He raped lots of girls and even babies and he says that it is right to do so. I have read that he raped a 5 year-old girl while she was screaming of fear!!! Is that what Islam has tought us? Astaghfirullah. He also says that you can borrow your friend's wife and lend him yours!!! Astaghfirullah. What he has said isn't a fatwa, it is a balwa. You mustn't ever never take with Ayotallah Khomeini thoughts.

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that does not mean that he does not say truth at times. If he was Sunni would you say he was Shea? if He was Sufi would you say He is Sunni?

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Even non-muslims say the truth. But saying some truth will not avoid him from being munafiq. This doesn't remove what he has done.

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What he has done is not for us to judge it is for Allah, it is for us to benefit fom the truth which came out.

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I do know that. But we shouldn't leave it that way. We can just advice.

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I agree and what I have done now is to warn him, isn't this an advice?

(May 16 '12 at 09:58) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image

of course and it is the advice that leads us on the right path or astray.

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how do we know that Khumaini raped girls and babes? is there witnesses?

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If it is ok to write what I have read in arabic, it would be better. Can i?

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of course just put it as answer so I can translate it.

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It may take a time coz i want to write it all. So if you could wait, it would be better. Thanks

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you see Shia are not the only ones that kill, people from Sunni that become shia get killed by Sunnis, so shea is not the only ones who kill, I am guessing that you already know that, I will translate this right now. And please tell me if I made error in my english.

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-1: this is a Q&A site. whatever your feelings towards Mr Khomeini, this is not a forum for personal attacks.

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@Al Ummat thanks for your help and if I am wrong about Ayotallah Khomeini, I hope Allah forgive me. Amen. I must admit that I don't know anything about him except what is written in that tiny book. So from what I have read, he isn't a good person. I will search to know more about him inshaallah. Note: the book name (for Allah... Then for history). Jazak Allah khiran. @goldPseudo you are right. I will remember this next time inshaallah and jazak Allah khiran.

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ما قرأته عبارة عن كتاب صغير جدا يسمى هؤلاء هم الشيعة يوجد على واجهته: جمع وترتيب: أبو مسلم/أيمن بن محمد الصيحي. مكتبة إبن باز. أما بداخل الكتاب فيقول ( الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على من لا نبي بعده وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم... اختلف الناس في أمر الشيعةفمنهم من قال أن الشيعة أعداء الإسلام وأعداء أهل السنة ومنهم من قال أن الشيعة هم الرجال حقا و هم حملة راية الإسلام وفي هذه الكلمات البسيطة نبذة عن عقيدة الشيعة نقلناها من كتاب لأحد كبار علماء الشيعة بالنجف بالعراق السيد حسين الموسوي_واسم الكتاب_لله...ثم للتاريخ و هذا الرجل من كبار علماء الشيعة ولقد تحول الرجل بعد ذلك لعقيدة السنة و نبذ عقيدة الشيعة وقتله الشيعة بعد نشره لكتابه وهذه بعض مقتطفات من كتابه نسردها[أنا لن أذكر سوى الخاصة بالخميني الآن و لكن هناك فضائح غيره لن أذكرها الآن] ١) المتعة عن الشيعة: اعتبر الشيعة كل من لم يعمل بها ليس مسلما.قالوا عن النبي كذبا وزورا وبهتانا (من تمتع بامرأة مؤمنة كأنما زار الكعبة سبعين مرة)!! أبصر الخميني صبية بعمر أربع أو خمس سنوات ولكنها جميلةجدا فطلب من أبيها إحضارها للتمتع بها فوافق أبوها بفرح بالغ فبات الإمام الخميني والصبية في حضنه و نحن نسمع بكائها و صريخها....[يقول الرجل في جزء آخر من كتابه] قال لي الخميني عندما زرته في إيران بعد قيام الدولة الإسلامية:"سيد حسين آن الأوان لتنفيذ وصايا الأئمة سنسفك دماء النواصب و نقتل أبناءهم و نستحي نساءهم ولا نترك أحدا منهم يفلت من العقاب و سنمحو مكة و المدينة من وجه الأرض" اعلم أن حقد الشيعة على أهل السنة حقد لا مثيل له و لهذا أجاز فقهاؤنا الكذب على أهل السنة.) [يوجد الكثير الذي قاله هذا الرجل عن الشيعة و فضائحهم و كذلك قال غيره ممن انتقل إلى السنة ]

What you are reading is based on a small book called [ These people are the Shia ] There is on its face: the collection and arrangement of: Abu Muslim/Ayman the sun of Muahmmad Asayhi. library of Ibn Baz. Inside the book it says (Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet and salaam on him and his family and his companions... People People disagreed on what to think of the Shias , there are those who think that they are enemies, and there are those who think that they are real Muslims and they hold the flag of Islam, and these words were imported from a book of a big scholar of the Shia from Iraq, Sayed Hussain Musawi ,and the name of thr book is [ for Allah ] He was a Big scholar of Shia and after that he turned to the sunnah and turned away from the shia, so the shias killed him after his book was published )

[not fully translated]

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