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Bismillah. What happens when a Muslim husband abandons his Muslim wife, family and home?

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If this happens than the case is looked at by their local scholars and the things they will look at and will examine would be how long has he been away has he contacted the wife and the family has he provided them with sustenance while he is away, if he has done none of that then the next step they will do is firstly to find out if he is alive and if he is known where about he staying and if there is a contact number or an address they will try to contact him, they will give him some time or a period for him to reply, so if he does not reply than the scholars make the decision for that woman and her family, but if the man replies beck and is found than he is asked all those questions and if he truly abandons his wife and family than again the scholars make the decision for that wife and her family which will end up the woman been free from that husband.

I hope that answers your question as this issue of families are not that simple and needs a lot of investigations but the conclusions and the verdict is known in Islam they are simple and straight forward.

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