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What is the difference between recitation of the qur'an in warsh and hafs?

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The difference between Hafs and Warsh is especially in the use of vowels and the strict rules of reading the "Glorious Quran-Majeed".In this concern, Warsh reading is more strict and a little bit difficult to read for those who don't have knowledge ofthe rules of reading the Quran. While reading you have to change your voice according to the sequence of consonant and vowels.While Hafs is a little bit easier and you can roughly read it as you read a literary book (in that it does not have lots of rules of reading) Most of the time, Imams learn more than one reading, and there are some who learn all 7 readings of the Quran..The difference does not change the meaning of the verse and it does not produce any sort of confusion at all. However, you usually find a certain reading dominant in this country, and the other one in another country. Accordingly, both version (nay all seven versions) are used throughout the Islamic world and are recognised by all Islamic scholars as One Version of the Holy Quran according to many hadiths as the one I provided above. As examples of the different readings and where they are used: Qaloun on the authority of Nafi': Mostly found in some partsof Tunisia and some parts of Egypt, and inLibya. Warsh on theauthority of Nafi': Mostly found in parts of Tunisia as well as other parts of Egypt and in the whole country of Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and most of Sudan. Hafs on the authority of Asim: Mostly found in the whole Middle East, parts of Egypt, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa... Hope the Anrwer of Question. Your Brother "Ubi" from Kashmir,.India. Stay Blessed.

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