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okay basically im mixed race and the person im in love with is Asian bengi and i have to convert in order to be with her but i dont no what converting includes so what happens when you convert??? what do you have to do to convert ???? + any other info would be nice to know

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If you believe that your originator and the creator of the whole universe is only ONE and you believes that one day you will go face to face with him and he will ask you about your deeds in this world. Then just read the Quran (the last Divine book) into your own language first which you can understand better. ALLAH (your creator,originator,and your inventor,) will guide you what are the characteristics of a true Human. if you became a real human then you are very close to became a true Muslim. Muslims got these all teaching from the last Messenger of ALLAH( Muhammad PBUH). Wish you good luck and please pray for us.

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i believe there is only one creator and that he will judge me one day on how i lived my life and will do its a hard choice for me to convert because of my family and friends and that im a christian but Christianity dont provide me personally the right answers for me...

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