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Asalamu wa alaikum,

How can you lean the Qur'an faster?

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The best way To learn Quran faster is to learn its interpertation. Read books that explain the meanings of Quran. It is really wonderful. This enlights your mind about what are you going to read. Second, you can make a note with the similar ayahs in Quran. Third, most of Quran are stories, and you won't find any difficulty in keeping them by heart. Forth, when you read Quran, read it quarter quarter or juza juza but not a page a page because there are some pages that related to the previous page with meaning. Fifth, revise Quran alot and also listen. Finally, know that you learn Quran for the sake of Allah. Reading Quran is the best ibadah (worship) to this nation as the prophet (pbuh) said.

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if you want to read quran frequently you should read it more time then you will get a can also learn and read quran with full attention of online quran tutors through online quran reading.

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if you want learn Quran faster you have to pay fully attention and have to spend more time daily

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The best way to learn Quran is with Tajweed, where in to learn it faster then one should opt Online medium or sources to get Quran lessons faster enough. Recently my kids started taking classes from Quran learning for kids platform at SchoolQuran and he is enjoying it and learning really faster

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Tajweed of course. With that your voice will develop also.

If you can't afford teacher you should learn basic grammar yourself. I have given some links in my thread here for people like you:

Quran will be affect your heart more if you understand whilst you read. Before I memorize Quran I sometimes like to read its translation. Allahmdulillah it helps my memorization even more.

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If you want to learn the Qur´an faster, then listen to it. You can start at the beginning..

Listen closely at the first sentence...

[url] [/url]

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Just listen and read along with online Qur'an reciters. you can pick your reciter, pick the surat, pick the english translation, and can do it anytime.

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Interested to Learn Quran Online? Tayseerulquran Online Institute is providing effective tutorial course to learn and recite quran easily. To know about the course and the learning process course go through

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It depends on you how fast you can learn and memorize the Holly Quran. I would suggest you to visit good website having tools for learning and memorizing Quran. Quran

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