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Asalamu wa alaikum,

I will like to improve the adab here, the adab of asking a question, answering it and dealing with members.

One I will like to start with the adab of asking a question, first I suggest that you follow the markdown basics and use proper english spelling and grammar, now I understand that not everyone is english, so please post the question than in your language but still follow the basics and write in proper spelling and grammar. And ask only the questions that you know will not offend, ask questions that make sense , ask questions that are on topic not off.

Now about answering , well this has almost the same rules as above, asking questions, just be nice in answering questions.

Now being nice goes into all of the above, and it also goes into being nice to each other (don't post offensive content toward another member etc), and so on !

I will give an example for all three in one.

Question: If Islam is perfect than why are Muslims so imperfect? [Bad Question] (such questions should be closed)

Answer: If you came to this site just to knock Muslims on the head than you should not have come. [bad answer]

Question: How can I become a Muslim? is it hard? [good question]

Answer: Islam is ..... No it is not hard because..... [Good answer]

These examples are just examples, but Insha'Allah you get the idea.

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Beloved the foundation of adab is to have proper belief.for the Rasul may peace and blessings be upon him had the best adab of mankind and he is the best example to follow, bear this in mind first and foremost.

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Wa alykum As Salam

i got it, thanks

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