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Assalamu aleikom I have a question and this is the way that I have a weak (Eemaan) and is easy to do (zina) with a kaafir, and I feel bad for what I do and feel guilty. I talked to a girl who is religious and she wanted me to come to her to spend a day or more with her, socialize and enable me to strengthen my Eemaan, has no religious friends where I live and she lives far from me and do not want to leave my mother who is sick and when I ask her condition she says no to me. And it has happened several times that I've slept over at my "boyfriend" who is kaafir. How can I go without Mum's permission? Because I really want to become a better Muslim but this way I will not going anywhere, and am terrified that I go without her permission, "what if I die on the way there" as well, I think, but when I go to my "boyfriend" thinks I do not like that. Help

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Try to persuade you mom how important your situation is. If she isn't convincened, you can go without your mom's permission because if you go, this may change your destiny. It is hell or hevean. Zina is not a game. It is HUGE sin. You must take medicine before you die. And this medicine is Allah's forgivness. This must be your first direction then your parents come second. Wa Allah a'lam

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Salam Sis

May Allah forgive you ,Ameen,

.try to be away from zina

. also try to stay away from evil friends

. read the Quran daily as how much as you can.(read in english too)

. perform 5 times Salah perfectly.

. always ask Allah for forgivness for Allah is the Most Merciful

. always help your mother, try to keep her happy, because Paradise lies under the feet of your mother.

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