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Salam... I am in serious problem where I really wanted to marry a guy, my parents have no problem. But his mom is not ready for our marriage and she is pressurizing him to marry someone else.

This is going on since last 4 years. Please suggest me some wazeefa that his mom's heart will melt and she will agree for our marriage. I always pray Allah but things are always negative.

I have strong faith on Allah's Zaat, please help me.

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The topic of love marriage versus arranged marriage is debated frequently on different platforms. There are different factors which make a love marriage successful or unsuccessful. You will find many love gurus giving you love marriage tips and relationship advice but you will never find the true love unless or until you don’t go after it by yourself.

Roohani Ijaz presents you a free wazifa for love marriage/ love spell, which could be really helpful for those people who really want to get married to their loved ones.


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my advers to you is try and performsallatul istihara so that Allah would chooise you the best.

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In your situation it is important to establish a relationship with her ​​mother in law. After all, it's his mom and he loves her even though she did not teach him anything, or even accuracy. And start building relationships with the need to respect that you have not felt. And pointing to the flaws that have the bride and mother-blame in this - the best way to military action, that no good will not result. And until you establish a relationship with her ​​mother in law would be eternal war with you for the groom (and later husband), and at her son. Both will prove that you are better, but she is so-and-so. A young man is among you, as between two fires. And will not be able to choose one of you - he loves them both. It is better to praise in-law for having raised a son and instilled a lot of good qualities. It's no wonder you love it and are going to live with it. Be a wise woman. Good luck to you!

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