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What is the punishment for zina, be it fornication or adultury? And does the punishment change for a married person?

Also, who is responsible for administering this punishment?

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The Imams, or Knowledgable people

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Salam brother

the punishments are

for non-married, 100 lashes

for married. stone to death

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both for fornication and adultery

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Zina is an illegal relationship (sex) with opposite gender. Zina isn't a zina without having sex.. And the punishment for non-married person is 100 lashes and married person must be stoned. This punishment is proved by Quran and Sunnah. And the one who perform the punishment must be leader or one has a big influence. Citizens can't punish even if they knew that a person commited zina (by four witnesses or the commitee admits). If they knew, they must go to a court or their leader.

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The Quran is clear: 100 slashes for each married or not. Stoned to death is a lie. Quran didn't talk about married or not married. This comes from Hadith that is wrong. These are old practices coming from Jahiliya before Islam. Nowhere in Quran Allah talked about stoned to death. Always, keep Quran as reference and nothing else.

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