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Assalamoalaykom W.W. My Brother's and Sister's in Islam... Al-hamdolillah! We are all fine...Insha'Allah!

This is the scenario...Somenody's build a MASJID but the money he used to build that MASJID is from haram source of income...let's say a profit from selling illegal drugs...Now,

1.) What will happen to the JAMA'A of that MASJID, there prayer's will be accepted? whether they have idea or no idea about the history of the building of that MASJID?

2.) What will happen to the prayer's of the person who build that MAJSID? it will accepted or not or something...?

  1. The person who build that MASJID will get a reward or not? even his/her intention is to please Allah S.W.T.

Awaiting for your positive and immediate response...MAY ALLAH S.W.T. GUIDE ALL MUSLIMS UMMAH ALWAYS TO THE STRAIGHT PATH...AMEEN YA RABB!

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an udztad ever explain the same case like this, but I forgot the answer...

as far as I remember (correct me if I'm wrong), the mosque will not benefit the guy that built the mosque with haram money

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The people who contributed to the building of the mosque/masjid using mal al haram, (haram money) will not get good deeds from the mosque and Allah will give them many sins for selling drugs, If they had sold drugs before they became muslim then it is okay and they will get no sins but no benefit.

The people who pray in the masjid will have no haram onto them, even if they know how it was built, and inshallah the people will purify the mosque with their prayers and their own money to help make the mosque better and inshallah the mal al haram will wash away.

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GOD is never received from a bad

people who built the mosque wiht haram money will never receive a good reward from GOD

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