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Can male doctors touch females for treatment?

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A woman must go to a muslim female doctor. If there is none, she must go to a non-muslim female doctor. If there is none, she must go to a muslim religious male doctor. If there is none, she can go to any good doctor. In the condition of a male doctor, there must be a mahram with the woman (husband, father, brother, old son,....) and she must be covered and the doctor mustn't see anything from her body except the area he is working on. And he mustn't touch her alot, just does his work only and remember Allah while working. And if there isn't a necessary to work with bare hands, then he must wear gloves. Wa Allah a'lam

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If a woman is sick and there is none of the women doctors who can treat it, then there is no problem in the fact that the woman was treated at the man on the basis of the known rules of Sharia, "The Forbidden become permissible out of necessity!" See, "Fathul-Bari" 10/136. And talked about this many righteous predecessors, as it leads Imam Ibn Abi Shaybah in "al-Musannaf" 5/467 in the chapter: "A man treats a woman, if she had a fracture or something else ',' Ata about a woman who broke Bone, said: "There is no problem to put a man to her dressing!" Katada said: "I once asked a Jabir ibn Zayd:" If a woman broke her hip or wrist, I have a cast? "He replied:" Yes. " Asked al-Sha'bi the treatment of a woman who has a wound, and he said: "Opens this place (ie it is a wound), and then treats her man." Imam al-Bakilyani said: "If necessary, allowed to look at the penis and awrah, as well as the treatment." Such as birth, which takes the man. Imam al-Bagaui said: "If a woman on the 'aura of the disease, there are no problems that would be reliable doctor looked at it as look at the penis during circumcision." See "Sharh-Ssunna" 9/24. And in this matter no disagreement among scientists. Imam Ibn Najem and Hafiz al-Suyuty delivered the unanimous opinion fakihov: "If a woman is ill, then it is permissible to expose your physician before awrah man, but she was not allowed to strip the aura, in which there is no need! And as a woman can not expose the aura of a man to a doctor when the doctor is a woman. " See "Al-ya-Ashbah nnazair" 1/119, "al-al-Madhalim fikhy al-atm" 2/882. Thus, if a Muslim woman was ill, and there is no Muslim doctor, she should be treated by any woman. If not all women are a doctor, then treated by a male Muslim. And if there is no Muslim doctor, then any doctor. Plus, if a woman has, say, a sore shoulder, then it must expose this place and not removed completely with a blouse, exposing the whole body, and that is what they talked about imams and quoted as saying the righteous predecessors. Uthman ibn Haytham said: "I asked Ata ibn Abi Rabah about a woman who has the disease on the head, which can not treat a woman, and he said:" Let this place to open a scarf and treats her man. '" See "Al-Tamhid" 5/280. Also, if a man is treated by external to a woman or a woman is treated by a male stranger, they should not be alone! Imam al-Saffarini said: "Despite the permissibility of a doctor to treat a woman outside help, he was not allowed to be alone with her." See "Al-Giza albab" 2/21. Everything mentioned is permitted only when necessary, as these things are based strictly prohibited! From ibn Yasar Ma'kalya reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "For a man it would be better, that it pierced his head an iron needle, than he touches a woman that he is not allowed!" At-Tabarani in " Al-Kabir, "20/210. Imam Ibn Hajar al-Haytham and Sheikh Al-Albani has confirmed the authenticity of this hadith. See "Al-Zauadzhir" 2/14, "Al-Silsilya As-Sahih" 226. Also, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "Let a man does not look at the aura of a man and a woman does not even look at the aura of a woman!" Muslim 338. If one sex is forbidden to look at the awrah each other, then we can say that, to look at the awrah of the opposite sex unless absolutely necessary? Allah knows best!

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