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ASLMALKM, I recenlty saw someone making salah with shoes and I was kinda confused, I than got into an argument with someone else who I thaught would agree that one is not ment to make salah with shoes....because I know that even the KUF you can only wear if for 72 hours ( as a Musafir)and shoes walk in all impure places...I also learnt in Madressah that the only time someone could make salah with shoes is if they were in JIHAD

I want to know when can one make Salah with SHOES??? and can u plzzz give me evidence to prove ur answer from an authentic Hadeeth...


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Onece Muhammad went to start salat and angel jib real said Muhammad take off your shoes you have poo on them So Muhammad took his shoes off It fine to wear shoes unless they have something inpure on them

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