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Is networking business is haram? some of the systems of the said business is me as a member, if I invited 1 or 2 persons then they will join and pay the registration fees...that time I will receive some percentage from them and the more people will join the more percentage I will receive even I will not work anymore...

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Each participant of the network marketing can be "connected" to the business of new members. Thus is formed an extensive network of distributors. On our site you may want to consider an example of the structure of network marketing in the process of its formation and growth. The company, a manufacturer of goods encourages the growth of the network by providing additional discounts for higher volume sales.

The main thing you need to know about network marketing - this is one method of sale of consumer goods. This mlm is different from the various "pyramid schemes", the organizers are earning by contributions from new members. Pyramids are fraudulent organizations, a form of consumer fraud and banned in many countries.

In network marketing, on the contrary, the network is constructed for the sale of goods. Production company derives income solely from the sale of its products. And mlm network members receive income from the sale of goods with the help of people who have been trained by him in this business. What good is a network marketing for everyone who wants to increase their income and even achieve financial independence? Becoming a distributor network marketing companies, including Amway, anyone can increase their income without leaving the main place of work or study.

Students network marketing makes it possible not only to provide himself a student, but to lay a good financial foundation for the future. Network Marketing - a great opportunity for women who are not working because of the need to stay home with the child. After participating in mlm can earn an income, spending as much time as an entrepreneur can be given.

But do not assume that the network marketing - a female occupation. Men who want to make permanent higher income for himself and his family, mlm, too, offers excellent opportunities for self-realization.

For seniors and people close to retirement age network marketing - one of the few opportunities to secure additional revenue. Pensions in this country is small, but every pensioner has a huge capital - free time. And time - is a major investment of each person who wants to succeed in network marketing. Many independent Amway businesses engaged in this business, has to retire - and achieved outstanding financial results.

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RIBA is interest Who eveR uses it is curEd by allah

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Yes, but that kind of business networking can we consider as riba?

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