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Salaam, i have been nikka to husband for 6 years, he moved out of our home and nikka a next woman without my knowledge, after 8 months he left the woman and come back home for us to be together. My question is My Nikka valid.

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It is his responsibility to take care of all his wives, it is not haram to have more than one, if he chooses to have more than one, than that is his right.

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Wa Alaikum Assalaaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaatahuuuu.. Sister,Yes Surely Your Nikkah is Valid..Your Husband hav'nt given you divorce{talaq}.. It is Permissible To have More than One Wife but the Matter is that Your Husband married to other women{2nd wife of your Husband} without Your Permission.. He Should Seek Forgiveness from Allah and Surely Allah is the Best Forgiver.. Also,There is no hesitation in your Nikkah.. Your Nikah is Valid,Valid and Valid.... After this,Allah Knows Best.. Hope the Answer of Question..

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If you mean marriage, then yes you are married because there wasn't any divorce and he didn't say Talaq. And he also should take care of the other wife. Wa Allah a'lam

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Wa Alaikum Salaam Warahmatullah Wabarokaatuh

Your nikah is valid

I know how you feel

be patient and forgive your husband

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Your nikkah is valid...have no fear sister Allah is in control.

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The question is, because he went away for 8 months, is the marriage valid? what about when I husband swears not to sleep with his wife for 4 months? is this the same thing? or because he did not swear it is okay?

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