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A - a Man, B - A's Cousin (Male)

from the Above, is that possible to marry B's daughter for A?

who is allowed and disallowed to marry in Islam?

please give me a vast explanation..

A can marry B(if a girl). Also A can marry B's daughter. Ali was the prophet's cousin and he married the prophet's daughter (fatima). So it is allowed to marry a cousin and it is allowed to marry a cousin's daughter. But A shouldn't marry the both. Only one of them. Wa Allah a'lam

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Thanks a lot.. B - A's Cousin(Male) forgot to mention it

(May 25 '12 at 11:35) ahlussunnah ahlussunnah's gravatar image

Marrying a cousin is possible, but desirable. It can affect children. Yes, there are spouses who are cousins ​​to each other brother and sister, and who have healthy children.

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Can I marry my cousin's daughter I asked

(May 27 '12 at 13:04) ahlussunnah ahlussunnah's gravatar image

No same sex cant is prohibited in islam,,it will cause the next generation badly...

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