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i have some question for them to answer which i'm searching for long.

  1. Every major religion believes that God made human in haven and God then sent them to earth. I believe God had put some survival skills in human brain like how to make fire and cook food for example. As we all know experience and survival skills are transferred "father to son" by generation. HOW COME THE FIRST HUMAN BEING SENT FROM HEAVEN BY GOD WITH BRAIN FORGOT BASIC SURVIVAL SKILL OF MAKING FIRE AND COOK FOOD? Not to mention evidence shows mankind took long time to invent how to make fire.

  2. Assume you are a father of 10 children. No matter whatever your children do (unjust) to you, at most you'll tell them to leave your house at the most. But you'll never ever think your child be roasted in hell fire. Remember you are a human being and you can't think of that. HOW CAN GOD THINK OF ROASTING HIS CREATION ?

  3. DID ANY OF THE HOLY BOOKS MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT DINOSOUR ERA? (kindly don't mention dabbah type answers)



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Greetings of Peace I dont want to contradict you but how can a simple minded like us comprehend the word GOD? none of us can because it is a mystery that can only be unveiled in the hereafter.

for the first question you should first learn the word Prophet. Prophet Adam is not just an ordinary human. God sent him to earth for a purpose. Do you think God would leave him without any support? Dont get me wrong my brother but you are trying to insult God and his first prophet Adam. How did you know that he didnt have the knowledge to create fire? did you see it in person? I suppose that you dont believe the words of God in holy books. You are preoccupied with science without knowing that religion and science is connected. By claiming that mankind took a great deal of time to learn how to create the fire suggests that you believe in evolution of man by charles darwin which is a pointless topic to be dealt upon.

For your second question.My brother I believe you are not a muslim that is why you were able to utter such words. go and watch the movie (the message). What are we compare to God we are nothing!!!! God doesnt need us but we desperately need Him. imagine yourself living your life without air, water, food , etc. We are given a lot of blessing that we are taking for granted.Go and read the story of prophet Abraham and be awaken. If God command me to take my life I would do it in a split second.You are asking why God can think of roasting His creation? It is a Trial my brother that we all need to pass. Without hell then what would be the chastisement for sinners? Hellfire is an eternal warning for humanity. It is clearly manifested in holy books that hellfire is for the sinners to dwell upon. I have a lot of unending arguments to answer your question despite the fact that i am not a knowledgeable person.

I am not knowledgeable man as I said awhile ago. However, I would like you to think about books. How many books do you think is widely disseminated all over the world? (Countless including ebooks and such) If your going to think about it even a topic like motherhood has thousands of book about it. The Quran and other holy books are not sent for the purpose of informing you about cloning and other scientific researches. It is a book of Guidance not information my brother. These books are comprised of important thing and not trivial ones. It has a lot of predictions in it that are currently manifested in today's society and in far-away future.

About computers? Yo still need a lot of research about the human brain. How majestic it is and incomparable to that of computers. a created thing can never surpassed its creator. the computer that man created can not surpassed its creator. Just like we can never surpassed our dear God. computers need hard disk to store informations but we dont need such things. We are constantly learning while computers need programming......... I want to tell a lot of thingggggggggggggs butI think this is enough.

I hope this HELPS Brother! there are a lot of people who can answer these questions with clarity. Especially our scholars ! :D

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Read the story of Prophet Adam. yOU will learn that IN contrast to your Survival skills he had learned a much more complicated things.God equipped him with knowledge about a lot of things.

I still have a lot of thing to say. Sorry brother I just couldnt stop myself from typing this! :D

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last words...

Brother I advise you to read the Quran for yourself. If you cant then at least read english books that explains and interprets the words in Quran. particularly the Works of Said Nursi the light collection and Fethulah Gulen.

Youll learn that in comparison to what i said the books will not only enlighten you bu will also show you a the righteous way.

Youll find a lot of similar questions inside! ill end it with a greetings of peace. Salam and goodluck!

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Dear bro. Thanks anyways. None of the question you answered to the point. First. normally by seeing a object you identify that what is what (table, chair, car etc.). means you are depending on your senses (here eye) to identify the object. Likewise, there are numerous drawing found in ancient caves (drawings) regarding the life style of that prehistoric age. Still there are some tribal people in Africa and Brasil who don't know what clothing means to our society. I'll request you to read some books see some documentaries to increase your knowledge.

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By Birth I'm a Muslim and i know how to read Quran and i believe i'm average in reading and understanding english version of Quran as well. What i found in general my brother is it is a complex book to understand. You make our several meaning of a verse / ayat as our Mutwaas do. How can you justify a holy book written in heaven for human kind and human don't able to justify a particular ayat is meant what? if you need to seek help always from Islamic Scholars for most of the books. Then it is written for Scholars not for general people.

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Second. I showed a general term of love (father-son). and punishment is also mentioned (throw the kid out of house at maximum). But a father / mother will never put his children to a oven to bake whatever unjust he did. How can loving God can be so cruel.

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Third. Quran descibed past / present / future.
Dinosour age was a LONG ERA which the evidence found recent years. and quran didn't mentioned that allah has created dinosours before man and they were destroyed so and so way because these animals didn't listen to God's words. Not a single work. where Quran is brief of Abraham story. Don't you feel injust?

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Now Quran described present very well of Prophet Muhammed era because that was present and also description is there day to day activities. What about after that. Future. In future man will make intelligent object (better intelligent than God created), not a single verse on that.

Brother, it's not the science which bothering religion. it is the understanding what you believe. There is no harm in understanding the truth instead having false ego that i have memorized Quran and i know everything.

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i din t say that Allah is cruel

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sorry if that was offend, @Hadi

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Dear HADI...

Let me try to answer your questions. I'm a Muslim convert...and therefore I'm not knowledgeable of everything about Islam. But the questions that you posed I have pondered myself before I converted. So here's my humble attempt at explaining the words that to me have made so much sense. I hope you read with an open mind and a desire to understand and not simply refute what I am saying. I am not looking for an answer from you or a debate...I'm simply trying to tell you the answers I found to your questions. And if you're still not satisfied with them, then you get to keep your opinions.

Q1. In the Quran, Allah (swt) mentions this: "Did I not tell you that I know the unseen in the heavens and the earth, and I know what you reveal and what you conceal?" (Surah 2:34)The knowledge that we have of this world is very limited (as I believe other verses mention as well). Therefore, how do we know that our scientific records are from the very first humans on earth? How do we know there were other types of civilizations before them for example? And how do we know how they lived and how they survived? Allah does say:"Verily, I am going to place generations after generations on earth." (Surah 2:30) You yourself mentioned the era of the dinosaurs...and science today is finding more and more species every day that we were not aware they existed previously. Furthermore, Allah did teach Adam A.S. the names of all things and provided for him both in Heaven, initially, and on Earth after accepting his repentance. And he provided not only for his generation but for other generations to come (e.g. the people in Moses' time), as many other verses reveal. So what I'm trying to say is that we do not have complete knowledge of the past...we only know a fragment...and you can see that in today's science as well, if the Quranic words do not convince you.

Q2. When asked who Allah is, Prophet Muhammad (saw)revealed this verse from Allah: "Say: Allah is the ONE and UNIQUE. He is the one Who needs no one else and who all are in need of. He neither begets nor was He begotten. And there never was and never will be no one compared to Him." (Surah 112) This verse means that whatever human-human relationships we have on Earth cannot be compared to our relationship with God. Allah's love for us is greater than any human love we may experience and the guidance He has sent to us, is for our own benefit. And if we do stray away, the harms we may be causing just to humanity itself (not to mention in front of Allah) can be catastrophic. They cannot be compared to an argument between a father and his son or anything similar to that. The prohibitions are there for a reason, and the Hell punishment is mentioned to remind us of that. All that being said, there are many verses in the Qu'ran and in the Sunnah (the Prophet's sayings and life) that talk about Allah's great mercy on His creation. I'll give you just one proof from the Prophet's sayings. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reported that the devil said to God: "I shall continue to lead Thy servants astray as long as their spirits are in their bodies." And God replied: "(Then) I shall continue to pardon them as long as they ask for My forgiveness." [Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 742]. A great number of verses and sayings from the Prophet talk about Allah's forgiveness. His mercy is enormous...and not only that. He is also the best judge. None of us can say who will or will not go to Hell, but those that will...definitely deserve to be there. And I mean I can think myself of numerous examples of people that would deserve the biggest punishment even on Earth...and that no rational human being with a heart would deny it.

Q3&4 For these questions I have to give it to the first brother that answered your post. The Quran is not a book of science and does not talk about that which is irrelevant to the way we should live, like the dinosaurs era. The digital era or the science of today is something far beyond the very basic understanding of the people of those times, when the Quran was revealed. It would make no sense to talk about any of that. However...the scholars that have studied the Quran in depth have found hidden messages in it that could hint at the technological world. Here's an example:

The arguments above might not seem the most convincing when you don't see all the other aspects of the Holy Quran. First...we know it has kept its integrity throughout the times. So whatever it said then, it's still saying it now. There are many scientific proofs in the Quran that the people of those times whould have had no way of knowing. The website I quoted above goes into a ton of them. But some of the most convincing to me are: 1. The body of Pharaon has been preserved way too well for the time it has passed since he died. It's now located in a museum in France to remind the people of his story...just like the Quran mentions. See here: 2. Ants being able to talk (like the Quran mentions): As I said, the website quoted above has many more miracles stated, some more or less convincing but all pretty remarcable. With all this in mind, when this book gives so much evidence for all of these things, how can we disagree with it? We may not have all the answers but we have some clear proofs and if we open our hearts to it, we will start seeing them around us more often. Lastly, I want to leave you with this quote of the Quran:"Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you (O Muhammad) warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe." (Surah 2:6)

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Salam bro

do you know something about Adam A.S? well anyways ill answer you InshAllah

how did you know that Adam A.s. forgot the basic skill of cooking and making fire?

on Q2 what exactly are you trying to ask?

A2 Allah Wills whatever he wants. Allah will never roast his beloved ones, i,e Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W),All Prophets (Peace and blessings of Allah SWT be upon them all) ,Real Muminuns

A3 No. A4 No. A5 No.

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w/salam bro.

When you don't have any specific points, don't post anything and wasting your time. And by the way i know about Adam A.S history. if you need to know more may read this article.

And i'm above your preaching. So don't try that.

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So there is no no answer in Quran for Q.3, Q4, Q5. thanks

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umm... I did not understand Q5 I do not know what you mean by cloning, I can give you some Hadith that I believe that concerns about the digital age. but I think you just want it from the Quran.

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