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asslm eveyone I was a muslim wth little imaan,whn i was making dua i use to ask Allah to let me die as a muslim.i fall in love wth a muslim guy he promised me a nikah and the day he wanted to tel my family sumthing happend,another girl cald i did not want to ansa his phone bt the phone kept on ringing thn i thought mybe its sumthing emergence i ansa the fone apparently he was in the musjid by tht time.

so whn he come back i told him tht sumone has caled and tht girl gave me his name,after i meantion the name of tht girl he was so angry and he went to tht girls place,when he come back he tld me tht i have a bad luck and said he wil cut of the nakah and he did tht. i loved him wth all my heart in a way tht when i see his body spray or body lotion i smell those two. when time pased by i tried to forget about him. am stil at skol thou so i ment a non muslim guy he makes me happy and i fel more secure whn am with him before i ment tht non muslim guy i used to perform my saalah bt nw i dnt.

aparently wht the first guy did made me to hate muslims so i asked Allah tht why did he introduce islam to me yet He doesnt want me to be a day i thought of quiting islam because i thought islam is making me a slot i kept on faling in love wth muslims because i wanted to die as a muslim,at home its only me and my mom muslims the whole ppl in my area and my siblings are not muslim. after what the first guy did i turned a loughing stone to my family i wanted to quit islam the same day. now tht am in love wth this guy am thinking to be a christain. am soo confused what to do my sumone help me to return to islam by ful force i love Islam,i love Allah

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Sister,May Allah help You..Aameen.. Just sis Concentrate on the below quote: ".. Before I learned about Muslims I learned about the Qur’an first.If I learned about Muslims (before the Qur’an) I would’ve never became Muslim.." ¤ Yusuf Islam

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Salam, Sis

May Allah help you to stay true and perfect Muslim, and if you really Love Allah.

try reading Quran, Make as many Dua,s as possible, Offer Salah 5 times daily, try to practice and understand Islam

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