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Asslm my fellow muslim i got pregnat and we hard a fight wth my childs dad tht fight reduced the love of the baby so when it was time for me to deliver i cldnt, i wasnt able to deliver the baby so the doctors decided to oparate me so i was oparated because of that opararion i couldnt go home so i was suppose to stay a week it was one day left for me to go home when i heard a dream,my soul was taken to another ward bt so suprisingly it was the ward where i slept wth my chld ,when i enterd in that ward the was a pure white sheet and the curtoons were also pure white bt being blown by a slightly wind.

when i was about to reach my bed i saw a man wth islamic attire i couldnt see his face while i was talking to him, then my baby's dady enterd pointing me with a finger and swering at me and thise man in islamic attire (he was also in pure white) asked me 'wht do u want, why are u fighting?' i unswered i want to be a true muslim he kept quiet bt went to my child and cover her with the blanket he also kissed her in her forehead and thise man went and my soul was back to me. when i wake up i was so shivaring,sweating and my baby was also sweating the nurse come and told me tht i wont go home since my tempreture and my child is high so she decided that we should not use two blanket bt one instead and the weather was so cold on tht day the fight made me not to love my child how can i love my child because even now its hard for me to love tht little,precious and adorable angel girl when she was young she never got sick neither did she gave me a headache even if i want to go she wont cry but instead she wil wave me a hand and tel me to come with sweats for her

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you can interpret this, the dream is as it seems .

(May 26 '12 at 08:38) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

I think that the best thing for you to do is to pray to Allah to help you.... Remember you gave life to this child and a mothers love to her child is unconditional...

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