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well i don't want to write all the story, but it's something abour the love. here i go..

well i fall inlove with a guy .. who is muslim n i'm in other religion (christian)... i know that because of are religion we cannot be together n he feel a little frustrate about it , he doesn't want to hurt my feeling so lie on me about this kind of problems that i actually already know .. but he didn't know about that i know this problems.. so i'm star to think that i can change my religion for him .. because i love him .. but this part that i don't know about .. what i have know and do to be a muslim .. hope u can anwere me thanks at all!

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If you have android dowload iQuran and you will get the quran translated i suggested to you, because by reading it you will see and be convinced that that book is realy from god, the quran is almost 1433 years old, and there you will see writen verses of the costelation, the moon ecc that only now days you can see from the space... thats one of the many signs... to be a muslim is easy, to start you must swear even alone and be convinced, " I Swear that there is no other gods but only allah, and that muhammad is prophet" then i rally suggest you to read the quran, and you will discover many extraordinary things :)

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First of all buy a QURAN in english language and red it thoroughly and I am sure you will like and love it as it's the true book sent by our GOD. It's aprox. 1400 years old and still it's being read, and people are learning it. I am sure QURAN will persuade you to be a good muslim. And after you start liking this religion you can be a great muslim just by reciting the QALMA. Ask any muslim he/she will guide you through the process. :)

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Asslma o Alaikum...

Islam is a very broad minded religion,it allows both men and women to live with freedom and allows to earn money bit in a legal manner as told in QURAN. Islam is almost 1400 years old but still it is in real shape and will remain in the real shape.INSHALLAH.

This shows that islam is the only true religion.

Islam is the NO.1 spreading religion in the world just because of its holy teachings. If you want to be muslim only for your friend then it is not good,,,you should embrace Islam just because of ALLAH'S happiness, if you will do this then ALLAH will make your life full of happiness and prosperity.

Islam means peace and harmony,by embracing it will you will feel the good changes in your life. To become a muslim it is necessary for you to read THE HOLY QURAN in your own language and some books of HADITH( Sayings of prophet MUHAMMAD). And the read the Qalma ( says that "THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IS THE LAST PROPHET OF ALLAH") regarding the happiness of ALLAH.

May ALLAH bless you

I will pray for you.....

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. we believe in one God!! God is one!! .... Even if she marries a man of the same faith with her, but they brought different national, if she decides not to make concessions, then do not start! Christians, if we take (Rus, Bel, Ukr ......) they originally use different from the same Caucasian Christians (if not go away) .. cover those Georgians and Armenians, just a different mentality ... and they hardly get along together (and and they are Christians, but a different approach to faith) .......... and in Islam ... we can take the Turks and Azerbaijanis in the Muslim ... but traditionally use different from the Afghanistan, Iranian and other Muslim .. .

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If you convert and become a Muslim for the reason of just marrying this guy, then you becoming a Muslim does not count as its for the wrong reasons. Hopefully you go out and learn about Islam, and read and understand the Quran and see that it's not words of man but words of the creator, and read about the life of the prophet muhammed PBUH and see just by his actions that this religion must be correct, and please do not compare Islam to Muslims nowadays as no one gives the title Muslim justice from the way they act, the only person who did was prophet Muhammed PBUH (peace be upon him). Islam isn't just the correct religion, it's the religion that will save you from the punishment of hell, and give you the reward of paradise were the pleasures there cannot be imagined. So I hope you convert to Islam and see how Christianity and Islam are close, but Christianity over the years was edited and changed and that Jesus (RA may Allah be pleased with him) who we love in Islam was a prophet of Allah and not a god. I hope you convert to Islam for the right reason, and will make dua (pray) with all my heart as I love every single person on this earth but hate many peoples actions, as I need to love everyone so I can save them from hell. Inshallah (God willing) you convert and are able to marry this person you love, and live a happy life and enter paradise INSHALLAH.

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